In Memoriam

With regret and sorrow, we report the passing in April of two of our founding members of The Competition Project, Armand Ostroff and Robert Kissinger. Armand was our Board President since our founding in 1986, and Bob was our Secretary/Treasurer during the same period. Their service was essential to the success and growth of our

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Obama Library Architects Selected

The Obama Library Foundation announced today that Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects / Partners together with local Chicago firm, Interactive Design Architects has been chosen from a shortlist of six finalists as architect for the Obama Library. Although a site on Chicago’s South Side has not yet been finalized, this certainly represents one of the

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Interview: Mack Scogin and Merrill Elam (Winter 2005)

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NEW AARCH: School of Architecture, Aarhus University

Number of entries in open international competition: 230 (Denmark 50; International 180)International Open Stage Winners (3)• Erik Giudice Architects, France/Sweden• Brian Vargo /Jonas Nielsen & Mathias Palle, DenmarkAtelier Lorentzen Langkilde, Denmark

Honorable Mentions (Purchases)• Adept, Denmark• Bogle Architects, Prague, Czech Republic• JWH Architecture, Lebanon• OP, New York, USA• Effekt Arkitekter, Denmark• Pablo Pita Architects, Porto,

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Latvian Museum of Art Competition

1Adjaye Associates - Rendering 1
Winning design by Adjaye Associates (courtesy MRC, ©Adjaye Associates /AB3D)


Location: Riga, Latvia
Type: RfQ
On June 22, the office of Malcolm Reading Consultants, the competition organizer, announced the results of the competition:
Adjaye Associates (UK) and AB3D
• Caruso St John Architects (UK) and Arhitektu brio’s Jaunromans un Abele
• Henning Larsen Architects (Denmark) and MARK arhitekti
• Lahdelma& Mahlamäki Architects (Finland) and MADE arhitekti
• Neuterings Riedijk Architects (Netherlands) and Brigita Bula arhitekte
• Sauerbruch Hutton (Germany) and Arhitekts Ingurds Lazdins
• wHY (US), OUTOFBOX Architecture and ALPS

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Interview: John McAslan (Winter 2003)

COMPETITIONS: I am presently here in London to talk to my editor about a ‘how to’ book we are doing on competitions.


JOHN MCASLAN: And how not to do them, I hope.


COMPETITIONS: You’re familiar with one of those?


JM: We recently did one—Middlesborough Town Hall. It caused a real furor here.


COMPETITIONS: Usually the RIBA competitions are well organized.

Science Center, Florida Southern College (1996-2001)


JM: This was an open, non-RIBA competition to re-market (rebuild) the Town Hall in Middlesborough, a town which had quite a good artistic tradition. About ten years ago they commissioned Claes Oldenburg to design a sculpture. There was also a competition for a museum there—which we didn’t get. And then there was the competition for the Town Hall, where we got to the last six. It was chaotic, as to what was to be submitted. There was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, because the terms of reference weren’t clear. And then there were long delays before the interviews. Finally we were asked to submit a tender(fee bid). But of the six tenders, only four arrived on time. Because of that, the two late tenderers were eliminated. I thought, ‘well, you know you have to get them in on time.’ But then one of the jurors walked out, because she thought it unfair that these two had been eliminated. Then it came out that they had opened the bids before the interviews took place.
We were only runners-up; but the whole thing has caused chaos because of the sloppiness with which the whole thing was organized. They should have selected the preferred team , then opened the bids.

You asked about the RIBA competitions. We have won some and lost a some. But you can say that they are always immaculately organized—very transparent, no confusion over what is required when. If a competition is badly administered with lots of criticism, it doesn’t help at all, especially with funding.




Science Center, Florida Southern College (1996-2001) Lab interior (left) and model (right)


COMPETITIONS: You were recently in the Fresh Kills competition in the U.S.


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