Queensway Connection: Elevating the Public Realm

Sponsor: Emerging New York Architects (ENYA)

Type: Open, ideas, international

Location: New York

Languages: English

Eligiblity: The competition is open to all design students and young professionals, including, but not limited to, architects, artists, engineers, landscape architects, urban designers and planners. Entrants are considered eligible if they have completed their education at the undergraduate

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King’s Square Architectural Competition

Sponsor: City of Fremantle

Type: Open, international, 2 stage

Location: Fremantle, West Australia

Languages: English

Eligiblity: Stage 1 of the competition is open to all architects registered in Australia. Overseas competitors must have at least one Australian registered architect in their team. Registration will be checked against state records.

Stage 1 Registration Deadline: 10

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Urban regeneration of the block Aurifícia – Porto, Portugal

Sponsor: Portuguese Counci of Architects, Northern Chapter (OASRN)

Type: Open, international, ideas

Location: Porto, Portugal

Eligiblity: Open to Architects internationally.

Submission Deadline: 18 September 2013


1st Place: € 8,000.002nd Place: € 5,000.003rd Place: € 3,000.00


José Fernando Gonçalves (architect), Chairman of OASRNManuel Fernandes de Sá (architect)Alberto Cuchí (architect)Carlos Guimarães (architect)Manuel

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Ten Design Teams Selected for Rebuild by Design Competition

Ten design teams have been selected by President Obama’s Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force to proceed to Stage Two of Rebuild by Design, a multi-stage regional design competition that will develop innovative projects to protect and enhance Sandy-affected communities.

The selected teams will now enter a three-month research and analysis phase led by New

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Houses for Change

Sponsor: IE University

Type: Open, student, ideas

Eligiblity: Open internationally to students or recent graduates with a maximum of 5 years since the date of graduation (graduation in 2009 or later). Individuals and teams of up to 6 welcome.

Registration Deadline: 10 December 2013

Submission Deadline: 16 December 2013

Entrance Fee: None Awards:

The winning

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Shelter International Design Competition for Students: Re-conceiving Architecture and Time

Sponsor: The Shelter Student Architectural Design Competition Office

Type: Open, international, student

Location: Japan

Languages: Japanese, English

Eligiblity: Applicants must be under-graduate or post-graduate students at universities or at tertiary institutions (as on of 24 November 2013).

Submission Deadline: 27 September 2013

Awards: The First Prize (1 Award) – ¥1,000,000 and Certificate of Merit

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Museum and Exhibition Complex of the National Center for Contemporary Arts Competition

Sponsor: Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Type: Open, international, 2 stage

Languages: Russian, English

Registration Deadline: 1 September 2013

Submission Deadline: 20 September 2013

Design Challenge:

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation recently announced the international competition for the architecture concept of the Museum and Exhibition Complex of the National Center

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Baltic Sea Art Park International Competition

Sponsor: Union of Estonia Architects

Type: Open, international

Location: Pärnu, Estonia

Languages: Estonian, English

Eligiblity: The participants of the competition can be teams in which at least one member is an architect with a right to engineer in the European Union.

Registration Deadline: 10 October 2013

Submission Deadline: 10 October 2013

Awards: The first prize

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First Baku International Architecture Competition

Sponsor: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic; International Union of Architects (UIA)

Type: Open, international

Location: Azerbaijan

Eligiblity: Certified architects (all categories), students of architecture studying in schools recognised by the government or UIA member section in their country (only the “D” category) may participate in the Award.

Registration Deadline: 15 September

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Warming Huts 2014 Competition

Sponsor: Warming Huts

Type: Open, international

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Languages: English

Eligiblity: This call for entries is open to all professional designers (or teams of designers) who have a proven portfolio of design work. Each design team must include an artist and a member of a recognized architectural association. Membership includes registered architects and

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