Fentress Global Challenge 2013: Upcycled Architecture

Sponsor: Fentress Architects

Type: Open, international, student

Language: English

Eligiblity: All students presently enrolled in an accredited college level Architectural or Interiors program are invited to participate. Recent 2013 graduates that are not employed at an architecture, interior design, engineering or construction firm may also enter. Individuals and teams with a maximum of three members

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Ghost Town Challenge, Latvia

Sponsor: Homemade Dessert

Location: Karosta, Latvia

Type: Open, international, ideas

Eligiblity: Open to everyone. Teams must have no more than 4 people, no professional qualification is required.

Fee: Early entry registration fee: US$ 60

Regular entry registration fee: US$ 90 Late entry registration fee: US$ 120


1st prize – US$ 60002nd prize – US$

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Housing in the Private Rental Market Ideas Competition

Sponsor: Wates Giving, RIBA

Location: Leeds, UK

Type: Open, international, ideas, 2 stage

Eligiblity: Architects and students of architecture worldwide are invited to submit design ideas.

Fee: Professionals: £50 + VAT

Students: £15 + VAT

Awards:First Prize – £6,000 Second Prize – £3,000 Third Prize – £2,000 Highly Commended – £1,000

Registration Deadline: 21

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Changing the Face 2013: Rotunda, Warsaw

Sponsor: Architizer

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Type: Open, international, 2 stage

Eligiblity: The competition is open to all persons who have knowledge of organizing space and the ability to solve the task and present it to the extent and in the form presented in Terms and Conditions. Participation may be individual, shared, or on behalf of

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Reimagine. Reconnect. Restore: The 280 Freeway Competition

Sponsor: Center for Architecture and Design, seedfund

Location: San Francisco

Type: Open, ideas

Eligiblity: Open to artists, academics, architects, planners, landscape architects and designers

Fee: None

Awards: $10,000 in prizes to be awarded

Registration and Submission Deadline: 31 July, 2013

Jury: Allison Arieff, New York Times Opinionator columnist / SPUR Urbanist Editor Alma Du Solier,

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Curbside Action at the New Museum: The IDEAS CITY StreetFest Tenting Competition

Curbside Action at the New Museum

The IDEAS CITY StreetFest Tenting Competition

by Stanley Collyer

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Winning entry by DavidsonRafailidis (photos of completed project courtesy of DavidsonRafailidis)

New York is no stranger to design competitions for smaller projects, especially where the focus is on its streets. Among some of those, either proposed or realized, were the recent Urban Shed competition, protecting pedestrians on the sidewalks from falling debris; and, going back almost two decades, the Urban Outhouse competition. As street fairs are pretty commonplace in New York, it would seem only logical that an ideas competition for a temporary “tent” structure in front of New York’s New Museum would also generate a lot of interest. As part of the IDEAS CITY Festival during the first week in May, this year’s event included one hundred independent project and public events occupying over a square block around the New Museum. Inventors, small business owners, artists, ecologists and activists shared their products and ideas, demonstrating the value of Untapped Capital—the Festival’s current theme.

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Transforming the Bridge: 2012 Cleveland Design Competition

Transforming the Bridge

2012 Cleveland Design Competition

by Stanley Collyer

First Place Entry by Archilier Architecture
All images courtesy Cleveland Design Competition

Preservation and re-use of old buildings has long been a major focus of our communities. But until recently, those same communities have regarded yesterday’s infrastructure—our railroad heritage in particular—as something to be either ignored or even erased from the urban fabric. At best, those previous rail beds have been converted into hiking and bike trails. Communities now have begun to recognize that some of these abandoned rail structures can be turned into public amenities. The High Line in New York City is certainly one of the best examples; but other projects, such as the recent conversion of Louisville’s Big Four Bridge to a walkway/bikeway across the Ohio River at Louisville, show how rapidly old perceptions regarding these structures can change.

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A Cultural Anchor in Wine Country: The UC Davis Art Museum Competition

A Cultural Anchor in Wine Country

The UC Davis Art Museum Competition

by Larry Gordon

Winning entry by SO-IL (Photos: ©Regents of the University of California, Davis)

The University of California at Davis is a sprawling, well-regarded campus that is probably best known for its contributions to agricultural research that aids the nearby big farms in the Central Valley and growers worldwide. Not as widely known is that UC Davis has a strong arts program and a large art collection, particularly of prints, watercolors and ceramics. For example, contemporary painter Wayne Thiebaud (creator of those lusciously bright paintings of cakes, lollipops and farm landscapes) taught there and has donated many of his own and others’ work to the university. The school also has a trove of Old Masters’ prints from the 17th through 19th Century.

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