News from COMPETITIONS 9/12/2012


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Cheongna City Tower (Korea) Competition Results (Phase ll)


Hyun, Gun Bo(GDS Korea Architects)

+ Charles I. Wee(GDS Architects, Inc.)

+ Jang, Jae Young(GDS Korea Architects)


Hahm, In Sun(Konwon Architects and Engineers)

+ Kang, Min Gu(Konwon Architects and Engineers)

+ Sinn, Dong Won(Konwon

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New Visitor Destination & Public Open Space at Cronton Colliery

Sponsors: Land Trust and RIBA

Type: Anonymous, two-stage, ideas, international

Language: English

Eligibility: Open to architects and architect-led teams from any discipline

Fee: £50 + VAT


15 February 2012 (14:00hrs) – Submission deadline


Catherine Burd, Burd Haward Architects, RIBA Adviser


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Competition for the Urban-Architectural Concept Design for the BADEL SITE Redevelopment

Sponsor: City of Zagreb, Croatia and the Zagreb Society of Architects

Type: open, on-line, one-stage, anonymous, ideas

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Fee: None

Language: English

Eligibility: The competition is open to all professionals, who hold a master’s degree in architecture or have completed a five-year course of study and are

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New School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, SUNY Buffalo

Sponsor: State University of New York (SUNY)

Type: RfQ, open, 2-stage

Eligibility: Architectural firms in North America

Fee: none

Language: English

Budget: $250M


31 January 2012 – Registration (RfQ) deadline

15 February 2012 – Shortlisted firms announced

16-22 March 2012 – Design presentations by

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[re]stitch Tampa

Sponsor: University of South Florida

Type: Open, one-stage, student and professional

Language: English


20 March 2012 – Deadline for submissions

Eligibility: Students registered in an accredited architecture program; design professionals

Awards: N/A


Charles Waldheim, Urban Agency

Chris Reed, STOSS Landscape Urbanism


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New Vision of the Loft

Sponsor: Fakro Company

Type: Open, EU, one-stage

Languages: English, Polish


20 March 2012 – Deadline for submissions (may be sent at any time before that)

Eligibility: Architects having a degree from a recognized European institution or working as an architect in an architectural firm



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Haus der Zukunft (House of the Future)

Sponsor: Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung, Berlin, Germany

Type: Open, EU, two-stage

Language: German


1st Phase: 2.14.2012 – Submission deadline for plans

1st Phase: 2.21.2012 – Submission deadline for models

1st Phase: 3.30.2012 – Jury

2nd Phase: 7. 17.2012 – Submission deadline for plans


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Helsinki Library Competition

Sponsor: City of Helsinki, Finland

Type: Open, International, two-stage

Languages: English, Finnish


30 March 2012 – Deadline for registration

16 April 2012 – End of Stage one of competition

Competition Format

The competition is being arranged as an open two-stage international architectural competition. Those persons

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Improving Education by Design: The 2011 Cleveland Design Competition

Improving Education by Design

The 2011 Cleveland Design Competition

by Stanley Collyer

index image

Can reducing class size and hiring more qualified teachers be the only answer to improving our educational system? Not according to the goals set forth by the organizers of the most recent 2011 Cleveland Design Competition. This open contest challenged architects to come up with new ideas, keeping pace with “the continuing advancements in pedagogy, curricula and organization models.” In other words, why shouldn’t equal attention be devoted to the “reinvention of learning environments.”

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