Seaplane Terminal Competition: A Catalyst for Watson Island Waterfront

by Eric Goldemberg

DawnTown, an annual architectural ideas competition since 2007, has become a huge success. Attracting over hundred entries from more than 20 countries in 2010, this quest to bring innovative architecture to Downtown Miami has become a staple in the international design community. Its latest installment, the 2010 DawnTown Seaplane

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Griffintown Interrupted: An unsolicited competition brings global participants and local stakeholders to the table over a district in limbo

by Ya’el Santopinto

Catapulted suddenly into the public eye, Griffintown has become one of Montreal’s most contentious urban treasures. Once an unknown industrial district, the past five years have seen Griffintown evolve into the subject of a media frenzy. This motley fabric of row houses and ruins, warehouses and empty lots, in situ art and

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Steel and Spirituality Revisited: ACSA’s 10th Annual Steel Design Student Competition

by LeeAviv

Over the last century, architects have aimed at incorporating spirituality into the economical advantages of using steel as a structural material in building. From the patterned ornamentation of structural members in the work of Louis Sullivan to the poetic expression of technological advance in the work of Mies van der Rohe to the

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