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Expired Competitions

Motlawa Apartments

Open, international, RfP

Gdansk, Poland

01 Jul 2007 - Registration Deadline

01 Jul 2007 - Submission Deadline


The First Prize (100,000 EUR):

Studio Architektoniczne KWADRAT sp. z o.o. (Poland, Gdynia)

consisting of: Jacek Droszcz, Bazyli Domsta, Szczepan Baum, Andrzej Kwieci®Ωski, Zbyszek Kowalewski, Katarzyna Langer, Tomasz Rochna, Adam KoÊciecha, Jaros©©aw BanaÊ, Pawe©© Podwojewski

The Second Prize (30,000 EUR):

Federacyjne Biuro Architektoniczne s.c. (Poland, Szczecin)

consisting of: Ryszard Burbicki, Krzysztof S©©omiany, Daniel Strzeszewski, Marcin Durys

The Third Prize (15,000 EUR):

Private Venture DOMINANTA (Ukraine, Dniepropetrowsk)

consisting of: Bazarenko Yuriy, Beloyartseva Marina, Grybovsky Andrey

Honourable mention:

Bulanda Mucha Architekci Sp. z o.o.

consisting of: W©©odzimierz Mucha, Andrzej Bulanda, Dorota Sekulska,

Ilona Bitel, Aneta Wardzi®Ωska, Bart©©omiej Witczak, Jacek Chyrosz

The Third Prize (3,000 EUR):

Anna Sza©©kowska, Ewa Minczewska, Emilia Kwiatos, Karolina G©©ówczy®Ωska, Karolina Hamerszmit, Jacek Hawrylak, Micha©© Czerwi®Ωski, Patryk Brzostek (Bia©©ystok University of Technology)
The Competition Jury’s Honourable Mention (the Organiser’s additional prize 3,000 EUR each):
Jakub PstraÊ (Âlàsk University of Technology)
Micha©© Podgórczyk, Paulina Krauza, Kaja Piekara (tGda®Ωsk University of Technology)
Invest Komfort
Open, international, RfP
Gdansk, Poland
Polish, English
Apr 2007 - Competition Launch
01 Jul 2007 - Submission Deadline
“All who will return our e-mail, agreeing to take part in the competition, will receive informations concerning necessary documentations and deadlines.”
Architects and students worldwide
Design Studios:
1st Prize - EUR 100,000
2nd Prize - EUR 30,000
3rd Prize - EUR 15,000
1st Prize - EUR 5,000
2nd Prize - EUR 3,000
3rd Prize - EUR 1,500
The objective of the competition is to procure the best urban and architectural concept for prestigious, modern, mixed residential and commercial property of total area 4.2368 ha.
-blend with due respect cultural heritage with modern architectural trends and the investor’s prerequisites,
-create a new value in urban design, yet remain in harmony with the existing architectural style of Gdansk,
-be the continuality and supplement to functionality of Gdansk residential and commercial districts found in the vicinity of the investment.
The real estate is located in a unique site near the historic developments of the Old Town of Gdansk and the river Motlawa. The sole investor in the project is Invest Komfort S.A. (PLC), a real estate developer, well-established in the market of the Gdansk region and beyond.
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