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Taiwan Hakka Cultural Center
Open, international, 2-stage, RfP
16 Oct 2007 - Stage 1 Submission Deadline


Council for Hakka


Open, international, 2-stage, RfP






16 Oct 2007 - Stage 1 Submission Deadline

30 Oct 2007 - 5 Shortlisted Finalists Announced

07 Jan 2008 - Stage 2 Submission Deadline

17 Jan 2008 - Results Announced


-A ROC certified architect as a sole tenderer.

-A combination of a ROC certified architect with a certified architect in another country. (It requires a “Joint-tender Agreement” and a specified representative for attending the tender.)

-A ROC certified architect as the tenderer, with a certified architect of another country as the professional subcontractor. (It requires a “Professional Subcontractor Agreement” for attending the tender.)


To Be Announced


Total US$50,000

1st Prize - top priority to negotiate and contract the project

1 second-place winner, 1 third-place winner, and up to 2 masterpiece




The purpose of this project is to setup a long-term, systematic and accumulative national-grade culture-researching institution. The task is not only about striving to reserve and explore the local Hakka heritages,natural and humane history,as well as customs and practices of Taiwan, but also about to gradually expand thinking dimensions so as to cover the overseas Hakka and the global Hakka; which is to say it requires immediate consideration and construction of the Hakka Civilization, for the ultimate goal of becoming a global Hakka research center. In practices, by way of the organization mechanism of the museum, search and collection of substantial and non-substantial civilizations of the Hakka ethnic group shall be implemented, as well as the analyses, display and promotion tasks,so that the center provides an essential platform to allow the nationals and international contacts understanding the Hakka Culture.

The hardware planning of Hakka civilization museum shall include the following requirements: 1. Collection and research of literature, 2. Knowledge management of Hakka cultures, 3. Communication and interpretation of “exhibition and education”, 4. Four main themes of social, culture, development and service.

The space of Hakka civilization museum shall have: 1. Collection space, 2. (Regular, large and small exhibits) exhibition space, 3. Theater, multi-media and educational space, 4. Research center (knowledge economics and cultural business cultivation center: research room, technology art lab, literature research room), 5. Aninternational conference hall and three medium-sized conference rooms, 6.Public service space, 7. Garden surrounding the main building.

This project employs the two-stage appraisal procedures:

1. The planning stage of the project includes 4.3148 hectares Industry-5 land on the south of Tongluo Science Park, the neighboring 6.9507 hectares Park-2 on the north, and the Industry-6 (including Park-14, totaling 3.1915 hectares) on the left, making 14.4570 hectares in total.

2. The design and supervision stage of the project only covers Industry-5 in the Tongluo Science Park and the neighboring Park-2 on the north, totaling 11.2655 hectares.


Preparatory Office of Taiwan Hakka Cultural Center

No.123, secretary. 1, Wenxing Rd.

Zhubei City, Hsinchu County 302, Taiwan R.O.C.

Tel: 886-3-6580-651

Fax: 886-2-6580-510

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