International Design Competition Jan 2017: Redevelopment of Nepean Point, Ottawa, Canada

31 Mar 2017

31 March 2017 – RFQ Deadline

Sponsor: National Capital Commission, Canada
Type: open, international, RfQ, two-stage
Eligibility: The NCC is inviting landscape architects, bridge designers, architects, engineers and other related design professionals to form design teams to respond to this Request for Qualifications

Process: Four teams will be selected to proceed to the second, competition stage
Information required from each team, as well as the evaluation criteria for the proposals, and can be found on Buy and Sell Canada           
31 March 2017 – Request for Qualifications deadline
This stage will entail the preparation of a design proposal. Each team selected must submit a proposal that describes the overall concept, a development plan for the entire site and a more detailed design for Nepean Point.

A document will be provided to the finalist teams in the second stage outlining: