Deep Ocean Research and Robotics Competition

15 Mar 2017

 15 March 2017 – Registration and submission deadline

Sponsor: Museum of Science Fiction, Washington, DC
Type: Open, International
Language: English
Fee: None

Eligibility: no restrictions
Awards: Winning project to be realized
15 March 2017 – Registration and submission deadline
Competition goals

  • Reward the innovation that is possible by leveraging off-the-shelf technologies, small teams, and other agile approaches to creating next-generation submersible platforms.
  • Motivate the upcoming generation of explorers to reach for new heights (or new depths) and reveal the unknown, on their own terms.
  • Broaden public participation in deep oceanographic exploration as part of a larger goal to commoditize marine technology and protect marine environments.
  • Bring a consumer model to the business of oceanographic research, which promises to accelerate the pace of marine science.
  • Break the paradigm of large-scale, expensive, government-driven science and exploration by offering successful alternatives in the form of a small-scale, revolutionary submarine demonstration.
  • Infuse creativity and innovation into STEM education at the high school level.
    Student competitors will submit a research design proposal for evaluation by a panel of industry experts and academic practitioners. Submissions to the Deep Ocean Research and Robotics Competition shall consist of a 20-page research proposal based on the Submission Guidelines and a five to seven-minute narrative video.
    Budget limit: $10,000

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