Experiential Beer Garden

23 Jan 2017

23 January 2017 – Registration deadline

Sponsor: Young Architects Competiitons (YAC)
Type: open, international, student
Eligibility: students
17 Oct 2016-21 Nov 2016 – 50€
22 Nov 2016-19 Dec 2016 – 75€

20 Dec 2016-23 Jan 2017 – 100€
23 January 2017 – Registration deadline
31 January 2017 – Submission deadline

1st Prize: 8,000€
2nd Prize: 4,000€
3rd Prize: 2,000€
Hon Mentions (2): 500€

Although in the Modern era beer has been produced at an industrial level, today we are experiencing a shift towards artisanal production, in an enthusiastic celebration of taste and secret recipes.

In this spirit, Villa Zarri – one of the leading Italian breweries – wishes to follow the most recent trends of consumption by investing in an ambitious architectural project, which will create a top-quality space for craft brewery. 

The centre that Villa Zarri intends to create, within a beautiful mid 16th-century villa, will be a sanctuary for all beer lovers – a place where beer tasting will meet delicious food, culture and entertainment, within the framework of architectural beauty.


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