Interview: Daniel Libeskind (Summer 1999) with Jerzy Rozenberg

with Jerzy Rosenberg

Bremen Philharmonic Hall Competition, Bremen, Germany – First Place (1995)


COMPETITIONS: Among the leading architects in the world, you may be unique in that everything you have built came about exclusively through competitions. Consequently it would be interesting to hear you view on competitions, and in particular whether you think it is still a viable form for young architects’ participation in the making of architecture.


LIBESKIND: It is a great form to work with; I probably would never have had any practice without competitions. But the nature of competitions is changing. In fact, now that the competitions are being globalized, they are becoming less of a form and forum. With globalization and the consequent bureaucracy, comes the opposite effect— a fragmentation and regional control by power brokers. It is now less possible to have an independent choice by competition because there are more networks which are involved.


COMPETITIONS: What is the earliest competition that you recall participating in?


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