Paris Firm Moreau Kusunoki Architectes Wins International Competition for Proposed Guggenheim Helsinki Museum

The Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition, which began in June 2014 and generated a record-making 1,715 submissions from more than 77 countries, reached its conclusion today, as the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation announced the winning concept: a design that invites visitors to engage with museum artwork and programs across a gathering of linked pavilions and plazas

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Redevelopment of Lancaster University Management School

Sponsor: RIBA

Type: RFQ

Location: Lancaster, UK

Awards: An equal honorarium of £10,000 (+VAT) will be paid to each of the five design teams short-listed to participate in the tender and design concept phase of the competition.

Languages: English

Eligiblity: Architects and design teams. Expressions of Interest are invited in accordance with the requirements set

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Self-Build on a Shoestring Ideas Competition

Sponsor: National Custom & Self Build Association; Grand Designs Live

Type: Open, international, ideas

Location: Cheltenham, UK

Eligiblity: Open to all

Awards: There is a total prize fund of £5,000, which will be distributed by the judges. In addition to identifying an overall winner, the judges reserve the right to also commend other entries. The

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Centenary Square Design Competition Winner Announced

The winner of a competition to transform one of Birmingham’s largest public spaces has been named as Edinburgh-based Graeme Massie Architects.

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, launched by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the Landscape Institute on behalf of Birmingham City Council, attracted nearly 200 entries from architects and designers around the world,

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WINNER ANNOUNCED: Visualising the Future of the City

The Commonwealth Associate of Architects (CAA) and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) have announced the winners for the Open Ideas competition, Visualising the Future of the City, open to students of architecture internationally.

The subject of the competition was inspired by the work of the UK Government’s Foresight

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Mesa’s Answer to Urban Sprawl: The Major Redesign of a City Center


by Stanley Collyer

20140813 aerial context future growth
Winning Entry – Image courtesy Colwell Shelor
Designing a city plaza as a “people place” is no small challenge. One only has to recall the various redesigns that Pershing Square in Los Angeles went through, or Seattle’s Pioneer Square, to recognize how intent and reality were often in conflict. In both of these temperate climate municipalities, the image of an otherwise welcoming destination was tarnished by an unforeseen presence of the homeless. The City of Mesa, in sunny Arizona, believes that a new plaza, well connected to the surrounding urban environment, can present “a signature public space” that will not only serve as a destination for public activities, but also as a catalyst for downtown revitalization. It would appear that a number of favorable conditions already exist: city administration buildings are located directly within the two block site area; Arizona’s largest art center borders the area to the south; and the city library is in the block immediately facing the site to the north. With this kind of built-in pedestrian activity, the site should be well positioned to attract a higher-than-average number of locals and visitors. To flesh out the best design for the 18.3-acre site, the City decided to stage an invited design competition. The first step was a call for expressions of interest, to which 18 firms responded. Of these, three were shortlisted to compete in the subsequent design competition. The competing teams were undoubtedly aware of the passage of a $70M City bond issue, which is allowing Mesa to allot $750,000 for design of the plaza site. Because this was a real project, each firm was to receive $25,000 upon completion of their entry. Under the supervision of Jeffrey McVay, a planner and the Manager of Downtown Transformation, a committee made up of principals from the City administration with only one exception—the Director of the Downtown Mesa Association—convened to arrive at a shortlist for the competition. It consisted of:
  1. Jeffrey McVay, AICP – Manager of Downtown Transformation
  2. Christine Zielonka – Director, Development and Sustainability Department
  3. John Wesley, AICP – Planning Director, Mesa
  4. Marc Heirshberg, CPRE – Director, Parks, Recreation, and Commercial Facilities
  5. Cindy Ornstein – Director, Arts and Culture
  6. Zac Koceja, RLA – Landscape Architect, Engineering Department
  7. Vincent Bruno – Engineering Designer, Engineering Department (At time of competition, he represented the Transportation Department)
  8. Lori Gary, CEcD – Project Manager, Office of Economic Development
  9. David Short – Executive Director, Downtown Mesa Association

The selected finalists were:ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ
• Woods Bagot, Sydney/Portland (lead) with Surface Design, INC., San FranciscoÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ
• Colwell Shelor, Phoenix (lead) with West 8 urban design & landscape architecture, Rotterdam/New York and Weddle Gilmore, Scottsdale, Arizona
• Otak, San Francisco (lead) with Mayer Reed, Portland, Oregon ÂÂ

This initial phase of the competition was replete with site visits and public forums and left no stone unturned when it came to interaction between the competing firms and the client and public. The City thought this phase of the process worked well, and the Colwell Shelor team was especially active in fielding public input during this phase. Each team then had to translate those public priorities into a feasible design concept. As they say, this is where the rubber hits the road.

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RIBA Competition Launched for: Redevelopment of Lancaster University Management School

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Competitions and Lancaster University are delighted to announce the launch of an international competition to redevelop its highly renowned Management School.

Lancaster University Management School is ranked in the UK’s top ten and among the world’s top 100 business schools. It is highly ranked across all

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WINNER ANNOUNCED: Invited Design Competition for Bat & Ball Centre, Sevenoaks

Sevenoaks Town Council and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Competitions are delighted to announce the winner in the Invited Design competition for a new Community & Conference Centre in the Bat & Ball area of Sevenoaks, Kent.

Sevenoaks Town Council was looking for an architect to design a

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Architecture at Zero 2015

Sponsor: Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and the American Institute of Architects, California Council (AIACC).

Type: Open, international, ideas

Location: University of California, Mission Bay Campus, San Francisco

Languages: English

Eligiblity: This competition is open to students, architects, landscape architects, urban planners, engineers and designers anywhere in the world.

Entrance Fee:

Early Registration –

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NASA 3D Printed Habitat Challenge

Sponsor: NASA, America Makes

Type: RFQ, multistage

Languages: English

Eligiblity: In order to be eligible to win the Prize, a team must be solely comprised of team members and Entity Members, as applicable, that are either (i) an individual that is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, or (ii) an entity that

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