Realizing a Major Museum Project in Record Time: Finland’s Serlachius Museum Competition

All photos courtesy of the Serlachius Museum
When the political will and money are there, even a winning competition design can be realized in a reasonable amount of time. By the time all the designs had been submitted to the Serlachius Museum competition in 2011, over 500 entries were received for adjudication. Just three years later, the museum is open for business and built essentially to the original plan (see model). The completed project not only adhered closely to the initial winning scheme by MX_SI Architectural Studio of Barcelona, but also provided an interior rich in detail. The result? The Museum has received high marks from the citizens of Mänttä, and this facility promises to be a regional destination for art lovers, much as the Louisiana Museum on the Danish coast has been, not far from Copenhagen. -Ed

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