A New Attraction for an Old Airfield: Moscow’s New National Center for Contemporary Arts

A New Attraction for an Old Airfield

Moscow’s New National Center for Contemporary Arts

by Stanley Collyer

 ncca report peng panels visualisation 4
Winning entry by Heneghan Peng


Contrary to previous autocratic regimes in Russia, the current visual arts community is apparently encountering few restrictions and is evidently regarded by authorities as being essentially apolitical, presenting no danger to the system—Socialist Realism is out; abstract art is in. This expansion of accessibility to contemporary art collections is attested to by the recent competition for a new National Center for Contemporary Arts in Moscow, also supported by the local Moscow administration.

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MO City Competition: Business District near the Moscow Ring Road

Sponsor:Â Samolet Development

Location:Â Moscow, Russia

Type:Â International, closed, call for portfolios

Awards:Â Each finalist will get a fee of 50.000 Euro after the project is completed. Travel costs on the basis of economy class air tickets and 3 star hotels for max. 2 persons per team will be reimbursed.

Languages:Â Russian and English


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Trondeim Bridge Competition

Sponsor:Â Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Location:Â Trondheim, Norway

Type:Â RFQ, international

Languages:Â Norwegian, English

Eligiblity:Â It is required that the participating team has experience from engineering design of bridges, structures, roads and landscapes of equivalent complexity as in this assignment, as well as reference to projects that substantiates such qualifications.

RFQ Deadline:Â 8 August, 2014

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Vision42 Design Competition

Sponsors:Â The Institute for Rational Urban Mobility, Inc (IRUM); The Architect’s Newspaper

Location:Â New York City

Type:Â Open, international, 2 stage

Entrance Fee:

• Early Registration: US $80 – from April 14 to 28, 2014 (Midnight EST)

• Standard Registration: US $100 – from April 29 to September 8, 2014 (Midnight EST)

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Piraeus Cultural Coast Competition

Sponsor:Â Piraeus Port Authority

Location:Â Piraeus, Greece

Type:Â Open

Awards:Â 1st prize:Â 29.020 €

2nd prize:Â 21.280 €

3rd prize:Â 14.185 €

The Competition jury may award further prizes to specific entries, but the maximum number of entries is five and the maximum prize is 4.000 €Â per entry.

The estimated fee for the

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Shelter International Competition

Sponsor:Â Shelter Co., Ltd.

Type:Â Open, international

Location:Â Japan

Eligiblity:Â Applicants must be under-graduate or post-graduate students at universities or at tertiary institutions (as on 15 November 2014). Tertiary institutions include: junior colleges, colleges of technology, and

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Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition

Sponsor: Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

Type: Open, International, anonymous, 2-stage

Fee: none

Language: English


15 August 2014 – Deadline for Q&A 10 September 2014 – Deadline for Stage I submissions Fall 2014 – Shortlist for 2nd Stage announced November 2014 – Stage II launch March 2015 – Stage II Submission deadline June 2015 –

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The Harvard Bridge Lighting Competition

The Harvard Bridge Lighting Competition

ma f 6147
All images courtesy Rosales + Partners

Rosales + Partners, with ARUP, winners of several design competitions for bridges, including the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge in Washington, DC (COMPETITIONS, Vol. 9, #3), recently won a lighting competition for the Harvard Bridge in Boston. Historic bridges have occasionally undergone facelifts, and this is no exception. However, the fact that it turned out to be a competition was one.


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A Sign of the Times? Port of Kinmen Passenger Service Center International Competition

A Sign of the Times?

Port of Kinmen Passenger Service Center International Competition

by Stanley Collyer

Winning entry by Junya Ishigami

Times change, and plans for a new Passenger Service Center on Kinmen Island illustrate how architecture can become a symbolic indicator of the recent normalization process between The People’s Republic of China and Taiwan. During an ongoing hostile conflict decades ago, Kinmen, then often referred to as Quemoy, was the occasional target of shelling from the nearby mainland, causing locals to seek shelter on a moment’s notice. A recent atmosphere of détente between the two parties, fuelled by economic cooperation, has resulted in a drastic change in priorities for the small island: it is exchanging its old fortress-like role for that of a tourist attraction and primary sea link to the mainland.

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