FAR ROC: “For a Resilient Rockaway” Design Competition

Sponsors: NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development Type: Open, ideas, two-stage Location: New York Langauge: English Eligibility: Submissions from individuals, students, and non-licensed firms are welcomed during Phase I; however, finalist project teams proceeding to Phase II of the design competition must include at least one licensed architect and one licensed engineer. Fee: None

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PLAYscapes Competition

Sponsor: Building Trust International Type: Open, international Eligibility: Open to all except employees, staff, consultants, agents or family members of Building Trust International personnel. Submissions can be the work of an individual or a group. There is no age limit. However, entrants under 18 years of age must be led or entered by someone over

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3C – Comprehensive Coastal Communities Competition An International Open Ideas Competition in Response to Hurricane Sandy

Sponsor: Operation Resilient Long Island

Type: open, international

Languages: English

Eligibility: Architects, students, engineers, interdisciplinary groups, the public

Fee: None


25 March 2013 – June 30, 2013

Registration deadline – 30 June 2013Project submission deadline – 25 July 2013


First prize: Publication and Show Second prize: Publication and Show Third prize:

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International Gastronomic Center (IGC) Brussels Student Competition

Sponsor: Arquideas

Type: Student

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Fee: 75 € individual registration100 € team registration (from 2 to 4 members) Timetable: 24 May, 2013 – Registration Deadline 14 June, 2013 – Submission Deadline 16 July, 2013 – Jury Decision 15 July – 15 August 2013 – Community Vote Awards: 1st Prize – € 3,750 2nd

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2012 Cleveland Design Competition “Transforming the Bridge” winners announced

Winning Entries: Third Place : #12146 Moxon Architects (firm/team name) London, UK Ben Addy Tim Murray Adam Holicska Pauline Marcombe Augustine Ong Jasper Stevens Marcus Stokton This year, after reviewing the best submission extensively, the jury unanimously decided to combine the 1st and 2nd place prize awards and award two first place winners


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Commentary on Competitions and the Al Jamea Competition in Particular

Commentary on Competitions & the Al Jamea Competition in Particular

by Paul Spreiregen, FAIA

Paul Spreiregen flying paper airplanes at the National Building Museum in Washington D.C.

There have been numerous international design competitions in the past. They go back centuries, and for both architecture as well as town planning. This is hardly the first. Yet it demonstrates some characteristics of considerable portent.

It is also a long condition of design in general that design predilections of many strains find their ways from their places of origin to places that are far different. Developing countries have long drawn on the design systems, “styles” if you prefer, of more developed neighbors. Even within the same culture borrowing from a distant past for present needs is hardly new. To borrow the old for use in the new has been a characteristic of architecture. It can be seen as a search for identity and order through architectural form.

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Designing for a Moslem Learning Experience: Al Jamea in Nairobi Campus Design Competition

Designing for a Moslem Learning Experience

Al Jamea in Nairobi Campus Design Competition

By Paul Spreiregen

Winning entry by FxFowle/Schwartz/Andropogon/Burhani Design (click to enlarge)

If there are still any doubts about the profession of architecture being a global phenomenon, they are fully dispelled by the recent competition for the Al Jamea campus in Nairobi, Kenya. Sponsored by a Moslem group in India, and managed by a professional adviser in California, this invited campus plan competition involved designers from the U.S., Great Britain, and India.

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Kent State University’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design Competition

A Step Up for an Architecture Program

Kent State University’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design

By Stanley Collyer


Winning entry by Weiss/Manfredi

Serving the needs of students is one thing. Making a strong architectural statement as a program’s add-on is sure to bring lots of national attention to any educational institution. Chicago’s IIT was in the doldrums before it staged the Student Center competition won by Rem Koolhaas. Once that building was finished, enrollment in the architectural program there rose from 300+ students to 900! As a state university, Kent State would not envision such a dramatic increase in student enrollment, as the competition they recently staged for a new building to house their architecture program has its spatial limitations. However, as a byproduct, one may anticipate that a remarkable new building will undoubtedly result in more competition for those spaces.

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City of Dreams Pavilion Design Competition


Type: Open, international, 2-stage

Location: New York City


Entries are encouraged from individuals or teams of architects and non-architects of any age or experience level, provided they are prepared to carry out the project.


Individual entries – $50 Group entries – $80 Student entries – $20



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Europan 12: Adaptable City: Inserting Urban Rhythms

Sponsor: Europan

Type: Open, international, 2-stage


Open to any team consisting of an architect in partnership or not with one or more professionals of the same or other disciplines (architects, urban planners, landscapers, engineers, artists, etc.) Each team member, whatever his/her profession, must be under the age of 40 years old on the

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