Interview: Rob Wellington Quigley (Summer 2005)


COMPETITIONS: Recent years have seen an exponential increase in invited competitions. You have been in several.Young architects are always asking, ‘How does one get shortlisted for an invited competition? Any advice?


ROB QUIGLEY: It would appear that firms get shortlisted based on the work they have accomplished to date. I’m not sure it’s anythihng you can actually promote, other than focussing on doing good work. Of course that takes time and doesn’t help the young firms—the reason they are entering competitions is that they don’t have the built work yet. So it’s a classical chicken and egg situation. That’s why I’m glad there are still open competitions, which don’t discriminate against firms which don’t have a substantial repetoire of built work.


gilman mixed-use 01 gilman mixed-use
Gilman Mixed-Use Building with retail and parking, La Jolla, CA – 2000 (Photos: Rob Quigley)

COMPETITIONS: There have been a few isolated cases where firms invited themselves into an invited competition and won. One case which comes to mind was a high-rise competitiion in Miami, where Arquitectonica managed to become an add-on to an already shortlisted circle. After winning that one, there was no looking back.


RQ: I think the burden is really on the competition organizers. If I were organizing a competition and it was an invited format, I would hold at least one or even two slots that should be held open for young firms that have exhibited enormous talent, but don’t have that much built work to show for it.


COMPETITIONS: When a competition comes up, be it open or invited, what factors determine whether or not you will participate?

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The Spaces Between: An Urban Ideas Competition

Client: AIA Utah YAF/ Salt Lake City Downtown Alliance

Type: open, one-stage, international

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Language: English

Fee: $85 Dollars

Eligibility: All


23 March 2013 – Registration Deadline

6 April – Deadline for Questions

20 April – Entry Deadline

30 April– Jury Selection

10 May 2013 – Finalists Announced

10 May

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World Stage Design: Temporal & Sustainable Performance Venue

Client: Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

Type: Open, International, one-stage

Eligibility: Professionals and students

Fees and submissions:

Design entries to be sent as digital submissions by March 1st 2013 along with an entry fee of £50. All entries will be presented in the WSD2013 online exhibition, with the 10 short listed finalists to

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Lexington Town Branch Competition Symposium

Design Adds Value to the Commons: Five Landscape Architects Discuss the Importance of Good Design for Downtown Development

The University of Kentucky College of Design is hosting a design symposium in conjunction with Lexington’s Downtown Development Authority’s Town Branch Commons Design Competition.

On January 31st at 4pm at the Lexington Children’s Theatre, each of

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Call for Artists/RfP

Riverlife, in partnership with the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival (TRAF) and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), requests proposals from local artists, lighting designers, landscape architects, and/or architects to develop and implement a temporary artistic lighting installation for Point State Park in Pittsburgh, PA to be showcased during the Point

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The National Headquarters of the Federal Lottery and Charitable Fund

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Type: Open, national, one-stage

First Prize: Trabajo Clave J3

Autores: Arqs. Oscar R. Vazquez, Carlos Casuscelli y Sebastián Areitio

Colaboradores: Arq. María Soledad Allegro, Arq. Constanza Quiroz, Arq. Bárbara Cosentino, Arq. Leandro Mancini,

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Harvard GSD Wheelwright Prize

The Wheelwright Prize, a $100,000 traveling fellowship, is awarded annually to talented early-career architects worldwide proposing exceptional itineraries for research and discovery. With an open application process (deadline February 28, 2013), the Wheelwright Prize recognizes the importance of field research to professional development, and reinforces Harvard GSD’s dedication to fostering investigative approaches to contemporary design.

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Rotch Traveling Scholarship

Type: Open, two-stage


must be U.S. citizens under 35 years old on January 1 of the competition year, and must have:

A professional degree (BArch/MArch) from an accredited U.S. school of architecture and one year of full-time professional experience in a Massachusetts architecture firm as of January 1

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