Madrid Olympic Housing 2016 (Correction/Update)

To access the link to the competition site, go to:

Scroll down to 12 & 13

Form available only in Spanish:

CIF/ NIF/ NIE: 2222222Q


NOMBRE Y APELLIDOS: Individual/Company name

CORREO ELECTRONICO: Your email address

TELEFONO DE CONTACTO: Your telephone number

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Golf’s Tower Competition, Peru

Open, International
Deadline for Registration- August 30, 2008
Deadline for Submissions- September 15, 2008

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Embracing the Desert Light

Embracing the Desert Light Call For Artists
Open, International
Deadline for Registration- October 10, 2008
Deadline for Submissions- October 10, 2008

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What is COMPETITIONS? The Competition Project, Inc. founded in 1986, is a pioneering, non-profit corporation which serves as a clearinghouse for information and ideas on design competitions, both in the United States and abroad. Since 1990/91, it was the publisher of COMPETITIONS, a quarterly magazine dedicated exclusively to design competitions on an international scale and

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Birdhouse Competition

Birdhouse Competition
Open, International
First Phase Submission May 10th, 2008-August 30th, 2008
Second Phase Submission Deadline October 25th, 2008

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Final Cover 2013

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